Welcome students, parents, and researchers to
POSTECH’s Department of Semiconductor Engineering


Our department was established with the goal of nurturing global leaders who will safeguard Korea's semiconductor industry amidst the competition of future semiconductor technology development.

People say a leader is born not made, but an uneducated leader cannot overcome a crisis. POSTECH’s Department of Semiconductor Engineering aims to cultivate leaders who can lead the future of semiconductors rather than teach only the things of yesterday and today.

In particular, we plan to provide an intensive education program that includes bachelor’s degree program and a MS/PhD integrated program that grants PhD degrees in six years and a differentiated open education with global specialists. For this purpose, about 20 POSTECH professors have joined us including a number of international experts and we have secured the best and largest semiconductor education research facility in Korea.

The Department of Semiconductor Engineering is waiting for students with passion and creative vision to become future leaders through challenging experiences. We invite you to join us on the fearless journey to explore the future of semiconductors.

Head of Department of Semiconductor Engineering Byoung Hun Lee

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